Governance & Organization

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VALE is composed of the membership of the public and private institutions of higher education in New Jersey and reports to New Jersey President's Council. All member institutions have agreed to a memorandum of understanding [pdf icon]that outlines the rights and responsibilities of membership. VALE is directed by a set of Bylaws and governed internally by an Executive Committee elected by and from the membership of the VALE Members' Council from the following groups:

  • Research institutions (3 representatives)
  • State colleges/universities (2 representatives)
  • Community Colleges (3 representatives)
  • Private institutions (2 representatives)

Other key members of the Executive Committee include: Chair of the Members' Council, NJLA Executive Director, and a NJ State Library representatives.

The Executive Committee serves as the oversight committee within the Council for the ongoing operation and growth of VALE. Recommendations regarding the purchase of databases, other software and hardware; about issues pertaining to networking, training and documentation, publicity, and other collaboration projects, will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee. It is the role of the Executive Committee to ensure that VALE is meeting ht needs of the academic library community by undertaking formal assessments and ongoing evaluation of VALE activities. The executive Committee will seek external funding for the continued growth of VALE and will work within the academic library community to leverage collaborative purchasing with existing resources.

The Chair of the Executive Committee (2 year term) will be the official liaison between the Executive Committee and the Members' Council. The Chair will report regularly to the Council on VALE activities, seek advice on future initiatives, and provide a yearly assessment of VALE's operations. The Chair will coordinate the work of the Executive Committee and its committees, will call meetings, and promulgate results of discussions, decisions, and recommendations.Planning and policies will be developed by the Executive Committee in collaboration with participating libraries. In order to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace as database producers introduce new and enhanced products, networking opportunities become available, and as libraries wish to collaborate on additional initiatives, planning and policies will continue to be flexible.

VALE Committees:

The ongoing work of VALE will be conducted through a series of committees chaired by and composed of members from college and university libraries in the state. A member of the Executive Committee will act as a liaison to each of the committees. The number and scope of these committees may change over time as VALE matures. The current committee structure is as follows:

Assessment/Evaluation/Statistics Committee

The Assessment, Evaluation and Statistics Committee will collect and review statistics and other data to be used by the VALE Executive Committee for formal assessments of VALE activities and resources and will serve as a clearinghouse for pertinent assessment, evaluation, and statistical information and resources for the VALE membership, including activities of other consortia. The Committee will seek to recommend assessment methodologies for evaluating organizational goals and outcomes that will measure and express the value of VALE to the membership as well as to outside bodies. Assessment methodologies may include the use of focus group interviews conducted by member libraries with their campus constituencies, statistical reports, or other qualitative and quantitative methods for collecting the desired data. The Committee will work closely with other VALE Committee to determine needed information and the best methods for collecting the desired data.

Bibliographic and Metadata Control Committee

The Bibliogrraphic and Metadata Control Committee will share and explore common issues faced by the technical services librarians in New Jersey State. To achieve this mission, the Committee has the following goals.

Cooperative Collection Management Committee will develop resources for cooperative collection management among VALE libraries and raise awareness of last copy, repository and other collection management issues.Specifically, the Committee will:

  • Recruit and train libraries for participation in the VALE Last Copy Preservation Program;
  • Examine options for implementing collection assessment tools, such as the WorldCat Collection Analysis Tool, with a group of academic libraries in New Jersey; and
  • Conduct workshops to raise awareness about standards to address preservation issues as well as retention issues of print resources.

Digital Media Committee

The Digital Media Committee will provide a vehicle for VALE member institutions to obtain streaming rights for digital media by:

  • Brokering with media distributors for the VALE member institutions for media content which includes using distributor portals, purchasing DVDs and licensing digital rights to stream;
  • Developing a licensing model that can be used for negotiations with distributors;
  • Implementing a calendar for reviewing new contracts and committing to the established pricing;
  • Collaborating with NJVID and NJEDge.Net to deliver content for those VALE members who elect to join.

Electronic Resources Committee

The Electronic Resources Committee will recommend specific electronic resources for purchase under the auspices of VALE. They may also recommend the development of local databases and the linking of other databases/resources free databases on the VALE homepage. They are also charged with reviewing the current complement of databases to ensure the quality is maintained.

Reference Services Committee

The Reference Services Committee explores and recommends programs and services to the VALE Executive committee, which will enhance Reference Services to the New Jersey State Academic Libraries and our user communities.

To achieve this mission the Reference Committee has the following goals:

  • The Reference Services Committee will review, evaluate and promote innovative ideas and effective measures in the field of reference services.
  • The Reference Services Committee will evaluate the role of traditional reference services and the use of technology at the point of service; either in person to users, on-line to users or through other modes of providing Reference Services.
  • The Reference Services Committee will collaborate with other VALE Committees to provide members with opportunities for continuing education and professional development.

Resource Sharing Committee

The Resource Sharing Committee will support VALE's mission and goals by helping to identify policies and practices that will enhance resource sharing among academic libraries in New Jersey using VALE and NJ state-wide technical infrastructures. Specifically, the Committee will:

  • Maintain and assess the VALE Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing Program and maintain a Web page of information and contacts on the VALE Website
  • Provide a forum for the knowledge of and use of the NAILLD principles in support of consortium-wide practices that enhance resource sharing and ILL operations
  • Investigate methods to interface JerseyCat, New Jersey's state-wide interlibrary loan service with VALE library catalogs
  • Investigate, evaluate and recommend, as appropriate, commercial document supplier(s) contract(s) for the consortium that may be more effective than traditional ILL for some or all types of materials
  • Investigate the feasibility of a virtual library catalog to enhance resource sharing among VALE libraries

Shared Information Literacy Committee

The Shared Information Literacy Committee is responsibible to gather and to share ideas, information and materials related to information literacy among VALE member libraries for the purpose of minimizing the duplication of efforts and advancing the local information literacy goals of participating libraries

Users' Conference Committee

The Users' Conference Committee, along with ACRL NJ and NJLA CUS, is responsible for planning, coordinating, overseeing and evaluating the annual Users’ Conference. The Committee co-chairs will keep the VALE Executive Committee informed of progress on planning and get approval for expenditures.

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for reviewing the interface design of the VALE homepage, and VALE's Virtual Union catalog to ensure that the presentation of VALE resources is clear and user friendly. The committee provides advice to VALE's technical support staff in the implementation of the Sitesearch software to enhance access to VALE databases, member library holdings, and other resources as appropriate.