VALE Logos

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The VALE logo is provided for use in several formats and sizes, for particular purposes. Please do not alter the VALE logo by making any changes to its proportions, color, arrangement of text and graphics or any alteration of the following images except for allowable sizing as indicated.

  • PNG-format images are available for direct use. Right-click a PNG image, click 'copy' to transfer image to the clipboard and 'paste' to include it in another file, such as a Powerpoint, Publisher or Word Document. Click 'save' to move the image file to a folder for inclusion in a web document. Do not resize PNG images, as their quality will degrade.
  • EPS-format images are suitable for manipulation in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Please limit manipulation only to resizing. These files may be saved to a local folder and passed along to printers or graphics shops to include the logo in professionally printed materials or other objects.

The VALE logo and related element should be printed in a specific color on a 4 color printer. VALE map green should be printed and appear on web pages as #669966. Background blue should be printed and appear on web pages as #000080. URL grey should be printed 45% black.

Further discussion of use of VALE logos can be found in the VALE NJ Identity Guide . For questions on the use of VALE logos, please contact the VALE Website Committee chair and/or co-chairs.

Main VALE Logo

PNG Color (214x137px, 16KB ) GIF Color (214x137px, 8KB)
[VALE Logo]
[VALE Logo Black and White]
PNG Color (290x165px) EPS Color (289x164, 846KB)
PNG B & W (290x165px) EPS B & W (289x164, 828KB)
Reversed VALE Logo with Name above and Tagline below
Reversed PNG logo (290x165px)
Reversed EPS logo (289x164, 803KB)

VALE Logo Only

[VALE logo graphic-only]
[VALE logo BW graphic-only]
PNG Color (289x165px) EPS Color (289x165, 659KB)
PNG B & W (290x165px) EPS B & W (289x164, 828KB)
Reversed PNG logo (290x165px) 
Reversed EPS logo (289x165px)

Small VALE Logo

[Small VALE logo]
[VALE web blue logo]
PNG Color (121x81px)
EPS Color (120x80, 655KB)
Blue-On-White EPS (120x80px, 673KB)

VALE Letterhead Logo

[VALE letterhead graphic]

VALE Logo Tagline

VALE Tagline
[VALE url graphic]
[VALE name graphic]
[VALE tagline graphic]
[VALE url reversed graphic]
[VALE name reversed graphic]
[VALE tagline revsered graphic]