2011 Annual Users' Conference: Planning Committee

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Eleonora Dubicki, Monmouth University
Richard Kearney, William Paterson University


The following subcommittees were staffed."

Breakout Sessions

  • Sosnowska (Chair), Coulter, Fong, Hamann, Ward
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Kearney

Poster Sessions

  • Stamatopoulos (Chair), Brush, Hsieh, Meaney, Parker
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Kearney

Print Program/Cover Design

  • Glassman, Hoang
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Kearney and VALE Administrator Avrin

Evaluation Form

  • McMillan, Yang
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Dubicki

Coordinator for SC&I Student Volunteers

  • TBA (looking for a Rutgers person)
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Dubicki

VALE Web Site/Committee Liaisons

  • Hoang, O'Shea
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Dubicki

NJLA-CUS/ACRL-NJ Web Site Liaison

  • CUS Webmaster (Mallery?)
  • Co-Chair Liaison: Dubicki