VALE 2011 Brochure: Cover Design Competition

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Paul Glassman of Felician College and Ann Hoang of NJIT from the 2011 VALE User's Conference Planning Subcommittee contacted faculty from their respective institutions to see if there is an interest in a cover design competition. Melissa MacAlphin of the Art & Music Department at Felician College and Augustus Wendell of the School of Art + Design within the College of Architecture and Design agreed to oversee the competition.

Participating students must follow specific criteria from the Cover Design Competition flyer. To qualify for the competition, submissions must be fowarded to Paul Glassman and/or Ann Hoang by no later than October 15, 2010.

We are very impressed and pleased with the submissions received. We wanted to thank the students who participated and to thank the faculty for their willingness to take on this responsibility.


  • All the students from Felician College and NJIT who participated in the competition
  • Melissa MacAlphin, Faculty from the Arts & Music Department at Felician College
  • Augustus Wendell, Faculty from the College of Art + Design at NJIT School of Architecture and Design
  • Maya Gervits, Director of the Littman Architecture Library

Final Submissions

  • Submissions are listed in order of received date.
Student File Format (Click file name for larger size)
Bryant, Nyla | 01-felician-bryant-A.jpg
Bryant, Nyla | 02-felician-bryant-A.jpg
Fletemeyer, Ryan   | 03-njit-fletemeyer.jpg | 03-njit-fletemeyer.png
Mueller, Max | 04-njit-mueler.jpg | 04-njit-mueler.png
Santiago, Mark  | 05-njit-santiago.jpg | 05-njit-santiago.png
Luna, Nelson   | 06-njit-luna.jpg | 06-njit-luna.png
Humbert, Zachary  | 07-njit-humbert.jpg | 07-njit-humbert.png
Torres, Luis  | 08-njit-torres.jpg | 08-njit-torres.png
Palma, Daniel   | 09-njit-palma.jpg | 09-njit.palma.png
Cruz, Bianna  | 10-njit-cruz.jpg
Paz, Rene  | 11-njit-paz.jpg | 11-njit-paz.png
Gross, Ben  | 12-njit-gross-A.jpg | 12-njit-gross-A.png
Gross, Ben  | 13-njit-gross-B.jpg | 12-njit-gross-B.png
Tran, Vicky  | 14-njit-tran.pdf | 14-njit-tran.png
Posligua, Joel   | 15-felician-posligua.pdf