B06. Discovery as Panacea: Is EDS a Solution?

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Break Out Session

Following up on the session, “The Truth Is Out…How They Really Search,” at which the presenters reported on their Google-funded study of how students do online research, this session will include tapes of students who are instructed to do online research but who must start by using the library’s discovery system before proceeding to Google or any venue of their own choice. The presenters found eight major problems in the students’ research habits: reliance on Google, confusion within the library website, problems finding and articulating keywords, lack of Boolean understanding, impatience with longer texts, preconceived conclusions and solutions to research questions, abandonment of hierarchical thinking, and confusion between research structures. These issues will be discussed in detail. The presentation will include visual examples of student online research behaviors in the form of screen recordings (done with full IRB and student approval). The session will include suggestions on how to help students solve some of these problems; however, the main objective of the session will be to share these research results with other public service librarians and faculty, in order to work together to find ways to help students find more successful and efficient ways to do online research. The presenters will allot time for audience feedback and discussion.

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Bloom, Beth
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Beth Bloom (Seton Hall University)
Marta Deyrup (Seton Hall University)