P16. Improve Library Instruction with Usability Testing Data

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Poster Session

Usability testing has become a commonplace practice in many academic libraries and this is a very good thing! However, there is much more to be learned from the usability testing data we are collecting and analyzing. Not only can it help us improve our users’ online experience as they engage with our website and search tools, but it can tell us much about how our students search, what motivates their choices and ultimately, it can guide our information literacy instruction to be even more successful. This poster will examine the results of several months of usability testing data gathered at Montclair State University and their implications for information literacy instruction. Although there is a substantial literature in web usability and in information literacy, there is surprisingly little cross-over except for testing the usability of online information literacy tutorials.

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Baird, Catherine
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Catherine Baird (Montclair State University)