P20. Energizing NJ Academic Librarians: ACRL NJ/NJLA CUS

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Poster Session

Where do you draw your professional energy from? Come learn how NJ ACRL/NJLA CUS can serve as your locus for ideas and inspiration! As the professional and advocacy organization for NJ academic librarians, NJ ACRL/NJLA-CUS strengthens the abilities of its members to energize their libraries and campuses. Through its programming and publications, NJ ACRL encourages innovation and community within the academic library and broader NJ library communities. Professional relationships and networks are created and sustained through involvement with NJ ACRL/NJLA-CUS. Membership helps support professional excellence through advocacy and professional development. Through this poster, attendees can learn more about the benefits of NJ ACRL/NJLA-CUS membership and learn about becoming more involved.

Contact Information for Proposal Submission
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Ackerman, Erin
Presenting Member: 
Erin Ackerman (The College of New Jersey)
Kate Hossain (Bergen Community College)
Lynn Schott (Bergen Community College)