VALE at Kuali

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Taras Pavlovsky and Kurt Wagner are taking the VALE OLE project to a national audience.  They have created a session for the KUALI federation’s annual conference in Indianapolis, November 14-16.  The title: Going It Together:  VALE's Plan to Implement Kuali OLE in a Consortial Environment.

Their abstract for the program book:

The VALE (Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey) consortium is planning for a shared, single-instance implementation of Kuali OLE. This session will discuss the path that led the consortium to seek a shared OLS and eventually to OLE, the governance structure of the project, the tasks already accomplished, and the challenges that lie ahead.

What are the challenges and opportunities that you would envision, implementing a shared set of policies and workflows across a large academic consortium with a long tradition of independence? We anticipate a lively discussion on approaches and expected outcomes.

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