Application Form: Instructions for Library Staff

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At the home library:

When faculty, staff, graduate students or undergraduate students if applicable, express an interest in applying for onsite borrowing privileges at a participating VALE library:

  1. Provide them with a copy of the VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Application Form, or
  2. Direct them to the Application Form on the VALE website

When presented with a completed form, verify that the user is currently enrolled or employed at your institution and is in good standing at the library.

The authorized home library designee (see appropriate lists) then completes the section of the application form labeled “This section filled out by home library staff”. Include the name of your library, your name and title (please print,) your signature, telephone number, email, and today’s date.

In cases when the library’s designee is unavailable, follow local procedure to complete the form.

At the lending library:

When presented with a completed VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Application Form from another participating library, check that the designated library contact (see appropriate lists) has completed the bottom section of the form labeled “This section filled out by home library staff.”

If you are unsure if an authorized staff member at the home library has signed the form, telephone the home library to verbally confirm the user’s identify. Do not refer users back to their home library without first attempting to confirm their eligibility.

Ask to see the user’s photo ID from their home institution.

Follow local Circulation Procedures for granting VALE borrowing privileges; for example, create an online user record and/or borrower card.

Remember to always give the expiration date of June 30th of the current academic year.

If an established VALE borrower wishes to renew their privileges, they must present a new signed form from their home library before you can extend their privileges for another year.



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